New in Residency: Coupé Décalé
Charlotte Marchal


New in Residency: Coupé Décalé

We’re kicking off the month of August with a new residency here at wpZimmer.

These upcoming two weeks we are joined by Coupé Décalé. “Coupé Décalé is a laboratory, an experimental curation project. Coupé Décalé is a meeting between three people coming respectively from dance, cinema and anthropology in the first place.”

During their residency, the collective works on “Multiplier Les Mondes”: a work that proposes a documentary investigation where the accounts of neuroscientists, anthropologists, initiates and artists are crossed… making the places of speech cohabit without concern of exhaustiveness, not for the sake of defining it better but to let the disorder float. Coupé Décalé invites you to an immersive experience where sensory and intellectual knowledge merge, between listening, dreaming and contemplation.