Last Month Tonight #7


Last Month Tonight #7

If you’ve joined us before, you know Last Month Tonight is no formal showing. It’s a casual gathering where we exchange on artistic questions, joined by food, drinks and good company.

The next edition happens on January 26th. We invite Lucia Palladino, Matteo Deblasio and Rodrigo Batista to give us a glimpse into their practices from 14h30 until 16h30. From 17h til 21, we awaken the coals in the pizza oven and start looking forward to the tiramisu for our winter gathering. Bring a friend, or come as you are, we’d love to have you!


*If you can’t make it to the artist sharings, we’d love to have you later during the evening for pizza!

Last Month Tonight artist sharings: 14h30 until 16h30

Pizza, tiramisu and drinks: 17h – 21h