For What it is Worth (working title)


For What it is Worth (working title)

Experimental, multidisciplinary, artistic practice requires production forms that are equally agile and experimental.
But how can these be reconciled within the straitjacket of a tightly organized sector where, due to a chronic lack of resources, supreme efficiency is a key word? What does this mean for the people who take on the mediating and facilitating role of producer? For artists and craftsmen who squirm into all kinds of bends to make the gap between the necessary space for artistic development and the reality of figures?

But also: what does this work mean within the canon of classical ‘management models’? And is the knowledge and expertise we are building here perhaps worth more than we think in a world in transition?
On this day we look very specifically at the working conditions of the (flex) workers behind the scenes, especially the producers, dramaturges etc. How can we make the crucial position of creative producers more visible and more sustainable? Can we support each other (even) better? Tools, expertise and good practices that we can share? And shouldn’t we set up a clear narrative towards policy makers?

The symposium will take place at wpZimmer on March 19th from 10h til 18h.

(illustration by:  Borislava Willnevermadeit)