Yasen Vasilev
©Egle Sabaliauskaite

Yasen Vasilev

1988 BG

Yasen Vasilev is a dramaturg, critic and maker who was educated at the theatre academies of Sofia and Shanghai. Today he works in the field of contemporary dance and performance.

Since 2018 Yasen is a regular contributor for Springback magazine, collaborator of Belgian choreographer Ehsan Hemat and co-founder of Radar Sofia, a residency space for playwrights and artists at risk.

The practical research of his Master thesis on the politics of dance, NUTRICULA (2015–) has been developed and presented internationally in the form of workshops and performances which aim to test and re-imagine the limits of the body.

IMPOSSIBLE ACTIONS, a collective piece for 10+ participants which grew out of this research, was first produced by Radar Sofia in 2021, and is an ongoing trajectory, activated by local performers and institutions in different contexts.