Stefanie Claes
© Kerlijn Van der Cruyssen

Stefanie Claes

1983 BE

Stefanie Claes makes theater and visual work. wpZimmer has supported her in 2015 with a research project on drawings and figures, for which she has worked in De Veerman.

Claes: “At De Veerman I want to take time to explore further my own visual language. Because I am a theater maker, little time is left during a rehearsal process to focus on making drawings, images and figures. I want to take time to draw, but also want to look for different materials than the ones I usually work with. Finally, I would like to investigate how I Can show my works and figures.

“Are my eyes watching my hands or my hands watching my eyes? I vaguely know what my purpose is and yet I work without thinking. I look at it all and then look for a detail and then I look for a solution. I haven’t succeeded yet.”


In recent years, Stefanie has focused foremost on making theater projects, such as Robert nooit huilen, Het Feest Van De platte Cake (KBC TAZ-prijs) en TRIOMFF. She works regularly with her sister Barbara, such as for Non Kannibaal: een gruwelijke en religieuze kindervoorstelling voor volwassenen, Maar De Wolven die leven Nog en De Bultenklacht in de Figuranten in Menen (met een groep uit de psychiatrische instelling in Menen). For the Monty, she wrote the text Bottekes, in which she tries to capture a moment of drowning in twenty pages. This text became the material for De Bottekes, a project in collaboration with twelve students from Maria Boodschaplyceum in Brussels, Michaël Vandewalle and Barbara Claes.

In 2012 she has participated in Het Fantastische leven van de heilige Sint Christoffel zoals samengevat in twaalf taferelen en drie liederen. The performance was selected for Circuit X and Het Theaterfestival, and received de Roel Verniersprijs. In 2015 she worked as a member of collective Lucinda Ra on Het Fioretti Project. For this performance, the collective took a long residence in Fioretti, the children’s department of the Psychiatric Center of Dr. Guislain in Ghent. Together with her sister and Lucinda Ra she also worked on a project on euthanasia.