OpenHouse #2 | May 2012 

OPENNOORD / Open House
13/05 – wpZimmer, Antwerp (B) – 14:00-18:00

OpenNoord is an opportunity for Antwerpen Noord’s cultural organizations to throw open their doors. For a flavour of what goes on in a contemporary arts studio, head for WpZimmer. All over the building you’ll find performances and installations to titillate the senses. Spring-fresh work by gifted makers served with a spicy gazpacho, also homemade!

14:00 – continuous installations by Vera Tussing and Naomi Kerkhove
15:00 – Etienne Guilloteau / DAAD
16:00 – Noé Soulier / Kingdom of Shades

During the last few years, choreographer Etienne Guilloteau focuses on the interplay between dance, light and music. His solo DAAD is driven by music of John Cage, but presents these three elements as equal actors who influence each other continuously. During the performance no action or trick remains concealed. Nonetheless the revelation of this machinery, the imagination of the audience is triggered by subtle changes in the choreography. A poetic calligraphy that challenges the categories in which our mind tries to grasp the world around us.
   Sound Bed
A lone audience member lies down on a platform. They close their eyes. Speakers are gently placed at their head and feet.
A soundscape, suggesting cinematic narratives begins playing.
As the piece plays, performers move the platform, and the speakers through the space. The audience member is completely passive as they are moved, passing through different ‘sound rooms’, becoming part of the dance that is unfolding.
The movement of the dancers and speakers act as a mode of live sound mixing, physicalising the machinery of special effects. Sound Bed explores in a live performance, a version of the narrative, temporal and spatial leaps available to cinematic editing.
Participating in Sound Bed is a twin experience; the audience observing the piece are guided through a deconstruction of cinematic techniques, while for the audience member at the centre of the installation the visual construct is hidden so that the acoustic presences invite a more emotive,less analytical, response.
 Sound Bed is a work in progress and a side Project of ‘You ‘Aint Heard Nothing Yet ’
   Domestic Science Club
Under the name The Domestic Science Club, Gosie Vervloessem experiments with the forces of nature on a domestic scale. Conjuring up physical phenomena provides insight into the laws behind them, but how reliable is a scale model and how can the poetry of physics give more colour and depth to our everyday lives? An utterly humoristic performance that puts science on the spot.
   VALIES – expo
Multimedia designer Naomi Kerkhove astonishes her audience with her black and white miniature worlds stitched together with a sewing-machine in which people, houses, trees and streets are brought to life in thread. In Valies (Suitcase), her second production, Naomi tacks on a sequel which explores the border region of comic strip, design, music and film. Watch a sketchbook come to life in this miniature exposition of little filmsets that were used in the creation of Valies.



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