Gosie Vervloessem
The Horror Garden - investigative workshop

13 December 2018
De Grote Post
in the context of De Klas van Tine

in English
Gosie Vervloessem is invited to De Klas van Tine to present an investigative workshop about the relationship between humans and plants. Therefore she will use a number of horror films in which plants scare us to death. Sometimes they attack us head-on, but often the horror lies in ominously waving branches and rustling bushes. Colonization runs like a thread through the workshop: colonization of territory by people and plants, colonization of organisms, bodies and spirits, ...

In De Klas van Tine, Tine Van Aerschot speaks with her guests about life and death, about new life and the maintenance of existing life, about the secular and anecdotic. It is about the colossal and the microscopic.

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Claire Croizé
Flowers (we are)
10 > 16 Dec 2018

During Dag van de Dans (April 2018), they were already in wpZimmer for this production. This second residency is a technical residency near the end of their creation process, so they will be working on and finetuning the dance material and the dramaturgy as well as the definitive costumes, scenography and lighting plan.


On tour



5/10-13/12 - expo The Horror Garden at CC Strombeek

13/12 - Investigative workshop bij De Grote Post (Oostende)
(ihkv De Klas van Tine )



12/12 - GBS De Vierklaver (schoolvoorstellingen)


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