The Horror Garden (2018) 

by Gosie Vervloessem

The Horror Garden is an investigative performance/installation about the relation between humans and plants. Why do we imagine that humans and plants live happily together? Maybe our premise of living together on this planet is a fake one? In order to examine the relationship between plants and humans, Gosie visits three places where this relation reaches a horror-like climax: the botanical garden, the nature reserve and the plantation.

She raises numerous and profound questions. Do humans treat plants with enough respect ? Do plants feel recognized or understood by humans? Can the relation between humans and plants surpass unlimited mutual exploitation? Who is abusing whom? Why have humans neglected the plant kingdom for such a long time? And why do plants still supply oxygen, which is so precious to homo sapiens? What is their plan in the long run? How are plants seducing humans to do things they didnít intend to do? Do plants reveal things about the human species which we donít want to know? Do plants actually show their true being (if that exists) or do they prefer to linger in the dark?

Concept and performance: Gosie Vervloessem
Dramaturgy: Einat Tuchman
Audio-recording: David Elchardus
Thanks to: CC Strombeek en School van Gaasbeek



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