Leandro Nerefuh, Caetano & Cecilia Lisa Eliceche 

Residency: Orphic exuberance versus solar capitalism
2 > 15/04/2018 – Studio

Orphic exuberance versus solar capitalism [eu queria ser uma abelha pra pousar em tua flor] is mainly a research on cultural narratives about the Sun and feelings it generates of ‘exuberance’ (often related to ideas of an orphic subjectivity) and ‘cosmic anxiety’ (often related to the uncertainty of the future of planet earth for humans).

Solar Capitalism is when the worldwide integrated capital takes hold of the solar myth: the rotten sun, the movement of the earth, water tides, all animal coitus become a capitalist machine, and even cosmologies are colonised. Orphic Exuberance is the desire to take the Sun in one’s own bare hands. This research is presented to the public in the form of a living installation.

Leandro Nerefuh / Ribidjunga Cardoso (Brasil, 1975) is an artist whose work deals with formal translations of historical narratives with a special interest in Latin America. He is also the founder of PPUB, a political party active in Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Caetano (Brasil, 1980) is a visual artist. His work explores the legacy of cybernetics in relation to ideas of automation and conscience, always having the human body as central.

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche (Argentina, 1986) is a dancer, choreographer and dance advocate. Cecilia is fascinated by the endless potential of the body and movement and conceives dance as a site to experiment and rethink notions of ‘democracy’, ‘community’ and ‘the political’.

Conception and performance: Ribidjunga Cardoso, Caetano, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche – Text: Leandro Nerefuh – Co-production: kunstenfestivaldesarts, wpZimmer – Special thanks to: nadalokal (Vienna)


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