Claire Croizé 

Residency: Flowers (we are)
16 > 29/04/2018 – Studio

©Joeri Thiry

With Flowers (we are), Claire Croizé collaborates for the first time with a contemporary composer Matteo Fargion. Together they create a dance piece with live music by and inspired by the works of Bach. Selections from the preludes of Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, transcriptions of his chorals for four hands, and new compositions form the musical texture, executed on one piano by Matteo and his daughter Francesca. Three dancers translate this vision into movement.

Claire and Matteo are looking for a playful and creative approach to Bach, both in the selection of the preludes and in the transformation of the chorals to nimble piano music, as in the new pieces. Claire is inspired, for the second time, by the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, whose writings will be converted into lyrics that lean closer to pop music and, as such, contrast with the Classical framework, in an irreverent hommage to the grand master of Baroque.

“Hommage” is the keyword here, not just in the sense of a tribute, but also as a gift, of the dancers to each other, of the musicians to the dancers and vice versa, and of the performers to the audience. Claire creates a performance that is both intimate and generous, a loving ode to her performers and a search for the different possible relationships between diverse personalities and generations, between dancers and musicians, between dance and music.

A duet for three dancers and two musicians.

For Claire Croizé, the body is a sensitive instrument, resonating with the dancer’s complex emotional life. Croizé graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2000 and, after working as an artist in residence at wpZimmer, founded the company Action Scénique in 2008 together with Nada Gambier and Etienne Guilloteau. In 2016, Croizé and Guilloteau continue their close collaboration together under a new name, ECCE. Music, especially live music, plays a prominent role in their work. The philosophy of ECCE is about movement and physicality; their aim is to show the dancer as a concrete physical individual. From 2017 onwards, they will be house artists of Concertgebouw Brugge. Some of Croizé’s previous productions include Affected (2006), The Farewell (2009, Prix Jardin d’Europe), Primitive (2014), EVOL (selected by the TheaterFestival 2016) and Mer- (2017).

Concept: Claire Croizé – Music composition: Matteo Fargion – Choreography and dance: Claire Godsmark, Emmi Väisänen a.o. – Piano and singing: Francesca Fargion, Matteo Fargion – Costume designer: Anne-Catherine Kunz – Production: ECCE vzw – Co-production: Concertgebouw Brugge, wpZimmer – Music: Bach, Well-tempered clavier book 1, Chorals' transcriptions, Matteo Fargion


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