Maria Lucia Cruz Correia 

Maria Lucia Cruz Correia

The voice of nature

In residence from 11 to 24 June.

The voice of nature is a site-specific court piece, in which we investigate ecocide and the possibilities of making a new proposal for the justice-system. For this creation, Maria Lucia will experiment with how law and justice can serve the ecosystem by proposing a “new type of court room” and create a new form of trial in which the voice of nature can be heard. In her futuristic court, she will guide the audience through the realms of fiction, magic and reality. In response to the many legal challenges she faces to represent legally nature, a transformation of the individual is needed. How would a river or a forest talk in court?

As challenging as it may, M. Lucia is undertaking a durational personification process to be the spokesperson person of nature. The process consists in one year of archiving a series of explorations and rites. This journey will become a collective one, and inspire the trial's dramaturgy, script, and the performer Anna Mendelssohn to guide the audience through a transformative juridical ritual, in which human and non-humans will come to a new collective language.

Correia's artistic work speaks her deep engagement for environmental issues. She reacts to the ecological crimes of our times by bringing audiences into a participatory environment that connects the artistic with the voices of scientists, activists and lawyers. Her actions tackle utopian healing by proposing clinical esthetics that unveil human and non-human interconnectivity. Correia's work is informed by contemporary discourses on the anthropocene, nature colonialism, climate change legacies, pollution in urban landscapes, transition, restoration and indigeneity. Correia often proposes participatory articulations by creating autonomous and temporary platforms which often create moments of disruption and harmony between seemingly disparate, bodies of knowledge, cultural traditions, resilience, value systems and social transformation.


Première: spring 2019

concept, direction: Maria Lucia Cruz Correia
script writer: Sébastien Hendrickx
dramaturgy: Ingrid Vranken
legal fact checker: Hendrik Schoukens & Juan Auz
systemic constellation navigator: Luea Ritter
research documentation: MarK Pozlep
outside eye: Jeroen Peeters
production: Tineke De Meyer
co-production: Kaaitheater, Vooruit, Workspacebrussels, Het TheaterFestival, t-heater & Circuit X (Roel Verniers Prijs 2017)
produced by: Fo.am
residency & research: No Logar (EC), Center for Creative Ecologies/Tjdemos (US), Artsadmin (UK), BUDA (BE), Workspacebrussels (BE), Campo (BE), wpZimmer (BE), Bunker (SL)
support: Imagine 2020 and Flemish Authorities


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