Begüm Erciyas 

Residency: Creation 2019
5 > 18/02/2018 – Studio

Objects seem sometimes dead, sometimes alive. We mostly act with reason, but sometimes superstitions take the upper hand. Doubt and conviction change roles in the blink of an eye. We constantly shift between different orders of reality. The transition from one realm to the other in an ever-changing rhythm is what interests me the most for my upcoming work.

Audience enters a landscape of mattresses. The ceiling is the stage. The repositioning of the body, the re-orientation of the gaze, the lack of face-to-face interaction, all suggest a kind of introversion. Looking up becomes at the same time a looking back onto oneself. The change in the usual physical position awakens the sensibility towards the surroundings, while the reclination relaxes the central nervous system, opening up other kinds of sense-making mechanisms as possibilities of receiving the proposed work.

Begüm Erciyas studied molecular biology and genetics in Ankara, where she became a member of [laboratuar], a performing arts project and research group. She graduated from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD). In 2006, she received the danceWEB scholarship and since then has been an active member of “Sweet and Tender Collaborations”. Begüm Erciyas was resident at the Akademie Schloss Solitude, at the K3 – Centre for Choreography in Hamburg and at Tanzwerkstatt Berlin. In 2014, she was a fellow at Villa Kamogawa / Goethe-Institut Kyoto. Her recent works include Ballroom (2010), this piece is still to come (2012), and Voicing Pieces (2016). More info: www.begumerciyas.com


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