OpenHouse #11 | Jan 2017 

Sunday, January 15th – 14:00 > 17:00

On Sunday, January 15th, we celebrate the 11th edition of OpenHouse. Come and check out our residency space, have a drink and a chat... On the programme are a 'dancerly lecture' on the Belgian colonial archive by Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Race caR by James McGinn & Tiran Willemse, and the book presentation of Belgisch Congo Belge by Tuur & Flup Marinus.


CECILIA LISA ELICECHE: Dancerly Lecture n°2: The Ghost of Lumumba
performative lecture / 30 min. / in English

“For women, then, poetry is not a luxury. it is a vital necessity of our existence... Poetry is the way we help give name to the nameless so it can be thought.”
– Aundre Lorde

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche continues her lecture series with an edition on our Belgian colonial archive: "I would like to talk about some aspects of the centuries of colonialism that include today and form the cultural archive of the Belgians. With particular focus on the way colonialism operates in the cultural field in flanders today, from my personal archive of recent and ancestral experiences."

text and delivery: Cecilia Lisa Eliceche – outside eye and text revision: Leandro Nerefuh

dance / 30 min.

By comparing their US American and South African perspectives on the subject of masculinity, James McGinn and Tiran Willemse have built improvisational structures that unite and juxtapose the similarities and differences of their observations in an attempt to destabilize a singularized notion of the male gender image. Through morphing masculine imagery, with sources ranging from ballet to krumping, they present a multiplicity of approaches to understanding its subjective spectrum.

choreography & performance: James McGinn & Tiran Willemse - music: Samuel Barber, Beyoncé, George Frideric Handel - lighting: James McGinn & Joris de Bolle - production & mentorship: P.A.R.T.S.

TUUR & FLUP MARINUS: Belgisch Congo Belge
book presentation & exhibition

During several years, Tuur and Flup Marinus have copied an entire album of postage stamps from the former Belgian Congo, page after page, stamp after stamp. The series of paintings is now published by Art Paper Editions and presented at wpZimmer by Matthias De Groof, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp who studies postcolonial theory and Belgian cinema. The original paintings are exhibited in our studio.



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