massage-collage (2012) 

by Katrien Oosterlinck


You close your eyes ...
Raindrops fall on your head, 

hands massage your shoulders,
a snake seems to slide across your back, 

your arm is squeezed like a tube of toothpaste. 

You open your eyes ...
Yellow balls around your head,

green squares on your shoulders,
a red line across your spine, 

blue triangles around your arms!

Everybody, young and old, gives each other a short massage. We see instruction drawings on the screen while a live guide shows you the massage movements. We hear a voice that gives explanations and a soundscape linked to every massage movement.

Afterwards we show the sensations we felt during the massage with stickers on chalk paper. All collages together form a collection of different experiences we share with each other.

Massage - collage is a safe installation with image, sound and a guide that brings you in touch with your body and each other.

Creation & guide: Katrien Oosterlinck - Soundscape: Inge van den Kroonenberg & Griet Pauwels - Voice: Nyira Hens (NL) & Sophie Van Everdingen (FR) - Production: Katrien Oosterlinck - Production as from 2017: wpZimmer (Antwerp)





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