Visual arts 

by Karl Van Welden


Karl Van Welden's off-cycle work is smaller in scale but covers more or less the same thematic approach as the work within the cycle. It offers the artist the opportunity to deepen certain themes and forms. It comprises drawings, paintings, installations, video and three-dimensional works, which can act as reflections, preliminary studies, but could just as easily exist autonomously or be combined into one work.


The volcano notes (Karl van Welden & guests)
15 > 17/03/2018 - Gouvernement (Ghent)
Expo, performance, LP-releases and concerts

On March 15, 16 and 17 Karl van Welden will present a selection of his visual works in Gouvernement in Gent for Just A Good Program, the new festival from Vooruit and CAMPO. This exhibition gives an insight in the work that surrounds the MARS-series, such as A Fall. In this installation/performance he stages a disaster scenario for a single object. A self-made vinyl record is turning on a turntable in a closed room. A rain of ash slowly descends. The whole scene gradually turns dark grey, until the music and movement come to a halt. What remains is a fragile, purposeless object in a monochrome landscape. The exhibition 'The Volcano Notes' is also the occasion to release his double vinyl MARS II, music for automated piano, pianist Frederik Croene and ash. At the same time Timo van Luijk en Frederik Croene present their new album 'Fortune de Mer'.


Dark Matter Games
11 > 15/05/2017 – S.a.L.E. Docks (Venice)
Performance & video: Homo bulla

On several locations in Venice, a black bubble will appear on irregular moments. A small, fragile and elusive event which gives a poetic glimpse during daily life. When it disappears there is only some black smoke left. Homo bulla is an expression used for the first time by the Roman author Marcus Terentius Varro, later it became part of the vanitas tradition.

Working Title Festival
4/03/2017 (18:00-22:00) & 5/03/2017 (13:00-19:00)
Location to be confirmed – Brussels
Exhibition: Column

In his new installation Column Karl Van Welden continues his exploration of volcanoes and the consequences of an eruption. Volcanic action produces a variety of sounds and many of those sounds are below the frequency limit of human hearing. In Column Karl uses the different volcano acoustics to produce a column of ash. Every time the column is linked to a different eruption by using the specific audio.


How I Improved my Winter in Brussels
2 > 23/12/2016 – WorkSpaceBrussels / Les Halles de Saint-Géry (Brussels)
Exhibition: Black Rain, Fallout I

In Praise of Waves
12/10 > 12/11/2016 – WorkSpaceBrussels (Brussels)
Exhibition: H.M. + Tokyo Correspondence + Black Rain, Fallout I

The Central Periphery
20 > 22/05/2016 – Antwerp Art Weekend / DE Studio (Antwerp)
Exhibition: Black Rain, Fallout I + After A Fall


Aandacht! Aandacht!
24/03 > 24/05/2015 – Stormopkomst / De Warande (Turnhout)
15/09 > 15/11/2015 – C-Mine (Genk)
Exhibition: Monoculars

The photographic series Monoculars gives an overview of the tableaux vivants created during the tours of SATURN over the past few years. The installation is a subtle play of disclosure and concealment, directing our gaze and misleading our expectations.


Résister aux Sirènes
18/11/2014 > 17/01/2015 – Les Brasseurs (Liège)


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