Meryem Bayram 

Residency: Autonomous Scenography 'FOURFOLD'
28/11 > 11/12/2016 – Studio

Meryem Bayram’s new project doesn’t follow a fixed story or scenario. It is not a performance, not a theatre or dance piece, not even a ‘spectacle’. As the title suggests, Autonomous Scenography ‘FOURFOULD’ functions as a generator of variable, independent scenography: it is a machine which creates constantly changing images. Within a limited set of formal possibilities – a square that can be folded and worked with – emerges a vast array of varitaions and transformations. Bayram works together with visual artists Guy Rombouts and Pol Matthé.

Concept: Meryem Bayram – Objects / performance: Guy Rombouts & Meryem Bayram – Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic – Lighting design: Pol Matthé – Sound: Azart tecnician – Sound / light: Nele Verreycken – Voice coaching: Caroline Daish – Recording & mix: Ludo Engels – Outside eye: Mesut Arslan – Costumes Johanna Trudzinski – Technical realization platform: Jan Van Goethem – Production: Platform0090, OnderHetVel – Co-production: wpZimmer, Workspace Brussels, Q-O2, Het Bos, Zsenne Art Lab – In collaboration with: Fiebre – With the support of: the Flemish Government – Special thanks to: Marc Vanrunxt, Clement Layes, Sylvia Van Deurzen, tg STAN, ZVA, Tine Colen, Teun De Lange, www.azart.be, Sabatini


wpZimmer regularly invites Belgian and international artists for a two-week research and/or creation residency in our studios and apartment.


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