MAF / Agustín Jais & Denise Lara Margules 

Residency: Water My Plant
17 > 23/10/2016 – Atelier
24 > 30/10/2016 – Studio

The 2017 Mestizo Arts Festival's international program invites Argentinian artists Agustín Jais & Denise Lara Margules for a two-week residency at wpZimmer. The duo is working on their new project Water My Plant.

Water My Plant deals with the relation between architecture, institutional dynamics and artistic creation in both Buenos Aires and Belgium, and the possibilities of collaboration between these two distant territories. The process involves creating and exchanging miniature models of cultural buildings on a 1-to-1 basis, to start a participatory process with the cultural managers and artists working in them, with the aim to build sustainable and creative long-distant relationships.

Open Studio:
Friday, October 28th, at 4PM
Presentation of mixed media works produced as a result of the field research in Belgium

Agustín Jais (1985, Buenos Aires) is an artist, curator, cultural manager, designer and professor. He is founder of Club Cultural Matienzo, an independent umbrella organization that runs a venue for the arts, culture and community life. His artistic practice is linked to this experience, and usually takes form as context-based projects developed collectively in space and time. He is interested in institutional dynamics, collaborative networking and community building, and the relational anxieties present in collaborative organizations. He has presented installations, multimedia works, murals, video, photos, performances, relational pieces and live visuals at Centro Cultural Juan de Salazar (Asunción, Paraguay), Centro Cultural Parque España (Rosario, Argentina), and CETC - Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón, Espacio Telefónica, Centro Cultural San Martín and Club Cultural Matienzo in Buenos Aires. He participated in residencies in New York and Antwerp. In 2015 he made Soulseek/2016, his first collaboration with Denise Lara Margules.


Denise Lara Margules (1989, Buenos Aires) is a filmmaker and chef. She studied at Universidad del Cine, attended filmmaking programs at Universidad Di Tella (by Martín Rejtman and Andrés Di Tella) and participated in screenwriting courses with Juan Campanella, Aída Bortink and Fernando Castets. She is part of the Audiovisual Arts department at Club Cultural Matienzo. Her short films were presented at BAFICI (14), MALBA, Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali (FICCALI) and Family Fiction Film Project, Portugal. Her early interest in cooking comes from watching her female relatives cook. She studied at IAG, with Gato Dumas and with Pamela Villar, and created her undertaking My little cakes. Since 2014, she studies embroidery with Guillermina Baiguera.



wpZimmer regularly invites Belgian and international artists for a two-week research and/or creation residency in our studios and apartment.


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