On tour in 2017-2018 

The list on the right presents all the performances wpZimmer is touring. wpZimmer is not an agency and does not sell blindly. Not every performance created under our wings needs to travel the world. The performances in this list ended up there after having been evaluated during the creation process in dialogue with the artist.

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche graduated at the Master of Choreography Amsterdam in June 2017. In 2018, she will be working on a new solo on the Candomble religion.

Dounia Mahammed is still touring her graduation project Salut Copain, which was selected for Circuit X 2017. Her second solo, w a t e r w a s w a s s e r, premiered in September and is touring in Flanders and the Netherlands.

Brussels-based artist Gosie Vervloessem is touring with Recipes for Disaster: The Magazine & Tupperware Party. She has assembled her experiments and recipes in a book and creates natural disasters in your own kitchen, bringing you a visit with her Tupperware Parties.

Hagar Tenenbaum is touring her solo abstraction end and things like that and her student project Swimming Room.

James McGinn finished his dance duet Ing an Die with a premiere series in the US in October 2017.

Katrien Oosterlinck presented the premiere of her new project Imagine Moving Rocks in September at STUK, and will create an English version in March 2018 at Vooruit. Her family productions Raaklijnen and massage-collage are still touring as well.

Karl Van Welden's SATURN, a series of performance installations focusing on themes such as distance, intimacy, infinity, control and power in relation to the contemporary landscape, will be presented in Antwerp in June 2018 (in collaboration with Toneelhuis). Also on tour is Van Welden's musical performance MARS II and his visual art work.

Naomi Kerkhove is currently on maternity leave, and will continue touring her productions from April 2018 onwards: Forest Fruit, Open Atelier, Fourre Tout, and her visual art work.


Naomi Kerkhove

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