wpZimmer has both feet firmly in the arts. Working with artists on a daily basis, we are constantly expanding our network of national and international organizations. Our first direct partners are the arts centres, cultural centres and festivals at home and abroad.

Artistically we work with makers starting out on their careers and with artists with an innovative practice. This sometimes requires a different approach, particularly when 'in situ' work is involved. Over the next few years we will be exploring that theme with C-Takt: a pooling of resources, knowledge and (inter)national networks designed to strengthen the support base for artists working outside the auditorium.

Together with our artists we go in search of a diverse public in and outside the auditorium. To that end we work with schools and social organizations, but also with structural partners like MAF, 0090, ccBe, KAAP, Kunst in Zicht, the Conservatoire and ARIA.

Internationally, we are a driving force behind WEB, a network of international organizations which every year supports two creations by theatre-makers about to make their international breakthrough. In 2015 we joined N.O.W., an EU network that offers guidance to artists, with the focus on reflection and experimentation.


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