Introducing a project 

wpZimmer has no fixed procedure for selecting artists. We are no commission or fund. We do not work with deadlines or submitting periods, we are simply available and curious. wpZimmer has no profile into which artists or their work have to fit. We feel that artists should develop themselves in freedom. They are the ones to determine the future of art, not we!

Nonetheless, here are a couple of tips for those who want to write, e-mail or call us:

  • get informed on our organisation
  • give a rough outline of your background
  • make clear what it is you expect from us
  • in the case of an artist of whom we haven't heard at all, a thorough acquaintance (a talk, a performance or a video we can watch) precedes any kind of commitment

Contact the artistic direction: carine@wpzimmer.be


wpZimmer regularly invites Belgian and international artists for a two-week research and/or creation residency in our studios and apartment.


Gasstraat 90
2060 Antwerpen
T +32 (0)3 225 10 66
F +32 (0)3 225 21 35