About wpZimmer 

wpZimmer is an (inter)national residency space for the performing arts, where the focus is on dance, performance and hybrid artistic practices. The organization revolves around the artists: their development, their need to conduct research and their desire to create.

wpZimmer shares its infrastructure in Antwerp with a number of small organizations and is rapidly becoming a lively, collective workplace for a range of artistic activities. We aim to strike a healthy balance between local presence and international kudos.

Our open residency programme supports a succession of broad-based artists. With some eight makers we enter into a sustainable, long-term relationship with the ultimate objective of enabling them to go it alone on the artistic scene. Whether we meet artists briefly, offer them a temporary workplace or a permanent base, our approach is always flexible and tailored to their specific needs. We facilitate collaboration between the artist and his professional field and set store by the exchange and sharing of contacts, knowledge and experience.

The following artists are currently under wpZimmer’s wing:

wpZimmer invites a wide range of artists for short-time residencies. An overview can be found here.

wpZimmer is subsidized by the Flemish Community.


Gasstraat 90
2060 Antwerpen
T +32 (0)3 225 10 66
F +32 (0)3 225 21 35