Since 1993 wpZimmer hires a premises in the multicultural north of Antwerp, on the border of the 'problem' areas Stuivenberg and Seefhoek. The premises in 88-90 Gasstraat stands out by its huge blue cast-iron gate under a three-storey block of flats.

Once behind this gate you will find yourself in a real little cité, typical of this old working-class area. Up until the mid seventies this cité housed a vegetable storage depot, which still shows in the thick walls and the straw-filled massive doors of the old cold stores (now the technical space and staircase) and the decrepit ice machine that was left behind in the cellar. In the outhouses (in the front and left) there used to be a garage (now a set storage), a small canteen space with rooms on top (now the foyer and kitchen) and two small houses that are rendered accessible via what is now the foyer space. In the seventies and eighties the premises deteriorated and mainly served as a storage depot and car park. Until the roof collapsed…

In 1993 De Beweeging (the later wpZimmer) took up its residence here and renovated the premises wherever necessary to rearrange it as a theatre building and rehearsal place. Since September 2001 the theatre infrastructure is mainly used as a working studio. Only occasionally public activities are organised here.

The infrastructure at the disposal of wpZimmer is U-shaped and contains:

- one big polyvalent studio (17m x 18m), with theatre-technical equipment
- a technical workshop
- a storage depot
- offices
- a kitchen/foyer
- lodging facilities for 3 to 5 people + showers and sanitary fittings (three bedrooms)
- a backyard with a tree

Bustling though the north Antwerp atmosphere definitely is, wpZimmer offers a quiet environment to work in and its infrastructure and lodging facilities are excellent for residences. Its compact setting benefits the fluent communication between the wpZimmer team and the artists, in an almost homely atmosphere.


Gasstraat 90
2060 Antwerpen
T +32 (0)3 225 10 66
F +32 (0)3 225 21 35