OpenHouse #7 | Jan 2015 

New Year’s Drink
+ A glimpse into the working process of Karl Van Welden

25/01/2015, 3 to 6.30 pm
wpZimmer, Gasstraat 90, 2060 Antwerp

On Sunday, January 25th wpZimmer opens its doors to friends and colleagues. We invite you to join us for a drink to the new year, in a newly renovated building hosting new plans and our new colleague Elke Decoker. At 4.30 pm artist in residence Karl Van Welden will give you a glimpse into the working process of his new installation A Fall, which will premiere a few weeks later at Kaaitheater.

In A Fall, Karl van Welden stages a disaster scenario for a single object. A vinyl record is turning on a turntable in a closed room. A rain of ash slowly descends. The whole scene gradually turns dark grey, until the music and movement come to a halt. What remains is a fragile, purposeless object in a monochrome landscape. This piece arose out of Van Welden’s fascination with volcanoes and the consequences of an eruption. The installation examines our ambiguous attitude towards imminent calamity: our belief or disbelief concerning catastrophes, our fascination with decay. A reminder of death.



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