Laura Vroom
Langzaam gleed een berg het dal in
14 > 27 May
Mario Leko
Here she lies, sir
28 May > 10 June
In her solo Langzaam gleed een berg het dal in, Laura works with anecdotes and memories to investigates how we deal with our past. How do we deal with time and finitude? What are memories precisely?
The starting point of Here she lies, sir are Ophelia, Lady MacBeth and Thaisa. Three female characters from Shakespeare who, at first glance, don't have much in common. Leko was intrigued by the fact that these characters were created in a time where women weren't even allowed in the theatre and had to be performed by men. With this project, he wants to examine what still remains of this today.

Maria Lucia Cruz Correia
The voice of nature
11 > 24 May
Steven Michel
25 June > 8 July
The voice of nature is a site-specific court space, in which Maria Lucia investigates ecocide and the possibilities of making a new proposal for the justice-system. For this creation, she will experiment with how law and justice can serve the ecosystem by proposing a new type of court roon and create a new form of trial in which the voice of nature can be heard.
In his upcoming research, Steven wants to organize a two-week long laboratory, with a constellation of artists coming from different disciplines. He wants to open up a space for lectures, experiments, improvisations and online searches around the theme of digital anthropology. The quest is to apprehend the Internet age as a potential myth for the future.


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26 > 27/05 Mad World #2 

Karl Van Welden

SATURN II - cityscape

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