Post uit Hessdalen & Zwerm
3 > 20 July – wpZimmer
Etienne Guilloteau & Claire Croizé
21 > 30 Jul 2017

Book of Echoes is the first co-production of Post uit Hessdalen, a young theater/video art collective and the electric guitar quartet Zwerm. On stage they will bring two lovers together again.

Mer- is a piece for five dancers and five singers, built on songs around death, sorrow and pain from the Renaissance period. The music is executed by Marnix De Cat’s Pluto-ensemble.


Anneleen Keppens
the moon is the moon is the moon
31 Jul > 11 Aug 2017
Dolores Bouckaert
14 > 27 Aug 2017

By revealing the different building blocks of a dance trio, The moon is the moon is the moon peels away the many layers of choreography. The three dancers and composer Gerrit Valckenaers invite you to penetrate the dance and experience it more deeply.In her physical, visual and musical performance Galop, Dolores Bouckaert relates the history of a body. One could call it a biography, a tale of the bizarre life of a body that is presented as a persona. What does it mean to have a body that is ‘different’?


On tour

Dounia Mahammed
Salut Copain

5 > 6/08 – Festival Boulevard ('s-Hertogenbosch) :: 1/09 – Het Theaterfestival (Brussels)

Dounia Mahammed
w a t e r w a s w a s s e r

14 > 16/09 – Love At First Sight (Antwerp) :: 13/10 – X-Tract (KAAP Bruges) :: 20 & 21/12 – Vooruit (Ghent)

Karl Van Welden
MARS II in situ

21/09 – CC Hasselt


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