Ondine Cloez
Vacances Vacance
18 December 2017 > 7 January 2018
Rita Morais
Night and Day
8 > 14 January 2018

Vacances Vacance is a solo, a monologue, a dance. The starting point of Ondine Cloez’ performance is the desire to recreate in a studio setting the feeling she experiences during a holiday: a feeling of peace and gratification. With a little exaggeration, one might call it a state of grace.

Night and Day is the same cabaret-show repeated at two different times, separated by 12 hours, a night version and a daytime version, using the corresponding natural light. The absence of artificial light provides at night, in between darkness and shadows, a privileged ground for expression, imagination and freedom.


Yang, Daish & Maxelon
15 > 21 January 2018
Marc Vanrunxt
White on White
22 Jan > 2 Feb 2018

Oracle is an improvisation practice where body, voice, identity and participation meet: an act that involves individuality in a communal setting. The ‘prophecy’ of the Oracle can be read as the voices of individuals but also as a social-critical awareness, questioning the position of the human being in the environment.

Dancer Bahar Temiz and choreographer Marc Vanrunxt met in Istanbul in 2014 during a workshop. Soon afterwards they expressed the ambition to work together one day. In White on White Marc creates a total artistic performatic experience for Bahar to emerge herself in.


On tour

Dounia Mahammed:
w a t e r w a s w a s s e r

21 & 22/12 – Vooruit (Ghent)
8 & 9/05 – De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam)

Katrien Oosterlinck: massage-collage
22 > 26/01 – GC Everna (Evere)
25/02 – CC 't Vondel (Halle)
04/03 – CC Zwaneberg (Heist-op-den-Berg)


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