Geert Belpaeme / l'hommmm
28 August > 10 September
Adaline Anobile
être promenée par (working title)
11 > 24 September

Performer Geert Belpaeme composes a prelude through movement. He wants to be a line, merging his long, thin limbs with a new movement vocabulary. In First, his starting point is the philosophical idea that through language, we, humans, are the creators of the reality in which we live.

There is a famous etching by Albrecht Dürer that represents the beginning of perspective drawing. It’s a strange image: a sensuous woman is depicted lying on a table behind a grid; facing her on the other side is a man attempting to reproduce what he sees on a surface in front of him...


Albert Quesada & K. Vickers / ACME
25 Sep > 8 Oct 2017
Manon Santkin
New Measuring Rites
9 > 22 Oct 2017

For this new research called Penguins, Albert Quesada want to team up with Katie Vickers and two other dancers. Departing from a simple interest in the endless and rich relationship between movement and music, between dancers and musicians, we will investigate the specific music from the Penguin Cafe and play with ideas between concert and dance performance.

Can we alter our conception of the world by changing which information we pay attention to? Today, measurements are omnipresent in our daily lives. We use them as shared references for exchange and communication. But which narratives do they imply? And which stories do they tell?
 These are the starting questions of the project New Measuring Rites.


On tour

Dounia Mahammed:
w a t e r w a s w a s s e r

14 > 16/09 – Love At First Sight (Antwerp) :: 13/10 – X-Tract (KAAP Bruges) :: 20 & 21/12 – Vooruit (Ghent)

Karl Van Welden: MARS II in situ
21/09 – CC Hasselt

© Mieke Verbijlen

Katrien Oosterlinck: Imagine Moving Rocks
27/9 > 5/10 – STUK (Leuven) :: 15 > 16/03 – Vooruit / LOD Studio (Ghent)


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