Leonardo Delogu 

Research residency
27/11 > 10/12/2017

Leonardo Delogu (Italy, 1981) is a performer and theatre-maker who is deeply fascinated by the relationship between body, movement and landscape. His productions take place in deserted places, natural landscapes and forgotten corners on the outskirts of cities. His key question is: what role and place is there for our own presence? His performances are invariably also true experiences, and require trust, dedication and time from the audience: a performance on a beach, for example, that lasts far into the night, or a four-hour walk with a small group.

As part of the European NOW project, wpZimmer is providing Leonardo with support for a period of three years. In the course of this time we want to examine together how he can give his work greater dramaturgical depth. His first research residency took place in December 2015.

During his residency in the fall of 2017, Leonardo will work on several projects, dividing his time between co-creative meetings and research in the studio. Together with Barbara Raes from Beyond the Spoken, he will work on the next steps of CORALE, a project creating rituals for the local community of people who live in the crater of the last earthquake in Italy. With Gosie Vervloessem, he will search for new common trajectories following the European project Half A House last year. And finally, Leonardo will dedicate time to research for two new projects, Bodies in the mist and The square, which are a continuation of his discours on movement, body and landscape. Sources of inspiration are Donna Haraway (Staying in the trouble), Judith Butler (Bodies in alliance) and François Julien (Vivre de passage).


wpZimmer regularly invites Belgian and international artists for a two-week research and/or creation residency in our studios and apartment.


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