Manon Santkin 

Residency: New Measuring Rites
9 > 22/10/2017 – Studio

Can we alter our conception of the world by changing which information we pay attention to?

Let's start with an anecdote: on the 20th of May 1875, in a small town just outside of Paris, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures voted for a new international system of measures with the hope of replacing the too many local systems in use across the globe which made it horribly difficult to trade goods between nations and even regions. The meter and the kilogram were born, and with them, the ambition to unify humanity's measure of all things.

Comparing things and trying to convert them into one another is something humans started to do a really long time ago. Today, measurements are omnipresent in our daily lives. We use them as shared references for exchange and communication. But which narratives do they imply? And which stories do they tell?
 These are the starting questions of the project New Measuring Rites (research title), a collaborative venture initiated by Manon Santkin with Maeva Cunci, Pavle Heidler, Moritz Frischkorn and Sidney Leoni. The keywords for their experiments: #ecology #measurement #interpretation.

Première: February 2018 – Buda (Kortrijk)

Manon Santkin (1982) lives and works in Brussels and Stockholm. Within the field of the performing arts, she operates as a dancer, choreographer, artistic advisor, process assistant and writer. She graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2004 and recently finished a Master in News Performative Practices at Doch, part of the University of the Arts in Stockholm. She has been collaborating with choreographers Mette Ingvartsen, Salva Sanchis, Xavier Leroy, Sidney Leoni, Eleanor Bauer, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Daniel Linehan and Leslie Mannès. She also develops projects with sound artist Peter Lenaerts and with designer Nicolas Couturier. Manon regularly takes part in the processes of other artists as a mentor, advisor or dramaturge and sees her role as an interpreter morphing into that of a facilitator of collaborative processes. In her current works Manon revisits the notion of 'interpretation' in terms of an ecology of practices and intelligences, self-organization and interactive agencies.

Creation & performance: Manon Santkin
 – Performers: Maeva Cunci, Moritz Frischkorn, Pavle Heidler, Sidney Leoni
 – Lighying design: Jan Fedinger – Sound: Lieven Dousselaere
 – Production: Hiros
 – Co-production: BUDA, kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek. – Supported by: the Flemish Government, wpZimmer, STUK & WorkSpaceBrussels


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