Residency: Spare Time
17 > 28/05/2017 – Studio

Spare Time is a constructed, videogame-like park with an endless set of possibilities. The set makes one think of Minecraft: an ultimate space where everything seems possible in the infinity of virtual reality. Flat characters enter the set in the shape of humans and chairs. They ‘neighour’: they walk and act routinely and seem to need each other. When the scenography or terrain changes, their limits shift. What generates freedom for one, forms an obstacle for the other. Spare Time questions our use of leisure time: are we as free as we think? When we dispose of an endless set of possibilities, do we feel liberated, or oppressed?

Dorothy and Officer are recuperated and appropriated figures from the visual arts, mainstream media and pop culture. They appear in Pipilotti Rist's Ever is over all, Beyonce's Hold Up, The Wizard of Oz,… buren wants to investigate what these figures can mean in Spare Time and what their role could be in the theatre space.

Première: spring 2018 – CAMPO (Ghent)

buren is a collaboration by Melissa Mabesoone and Oshin Albrecht. Their practice consists of performances, videos, photos and installations. In the beginning of 2013, the duo made their first performance together during a research residency in the frame of Les Laboréales. buren by buren is a combination of video, performance and installation, and was presented by La Maison Folie, La Bellone, Buda, S.M.A.K. and Z33. Their second project, Have you rearranged the flowers? premièred in 2014 at Vooruit during Tumult in Gent and later traveled to Les Ateliers Claus, Arti & Amicitiae, Artis Print III / KOMPLOT, POPPOSITIONS and Galerie Am Polylog in Wörgl (AT), where the two also presented their first solo exhibition, The room in the middle is a garden. During a three-month residency at BijlmAIR, from April until June 2014, buren created the film Parkways, with support from Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, CBK Zuidoost and Stichting Flat. In the summer of 2015, they started to work on PARADE/PROMENADE, a performance that was developed in different shapes during residencies at Croxhapox, Vooruit and Bains Connective. Short performances were presented at Croxhapox, Flam IV / Arti & Amicitiae (with Peter Aers and Geert Belpaeme), and Vrijstaat O. (on invitation by Hans Beckers). Next to their white cube exhibitions (Tatjana Pieters, Arti & Amicitiae), buren regularly performs on unexpected locations, such as Les Ateliers Claus, the official residence of de Governor of Eastern Flanders, the patio of Casco in Utrecht and the BijlmAIR apartment in Amsterdam. In 2016, buren started the master programme at HISK in Ghent. Since then, Mabesoone and Albrecht have developed To Care as Caress, a salon in collaboration with Peter Aers at Vrijstaat O., and edited a book with Posture Editions under the title Confusion of Tongues. buren is part of the Drift artists platform under direction of Ruth Mariën.

Concept and performance: Melissa Mabesoone and Oshin Albrecht – Music: developed in collaboration with Ferre Marnjef – Supported by: the Flemish Government, Cultuurcentrum Scharpoord, HISK – Residencies: Vooruit, KAAP, Netwerk Aalst, wpZimmer


wpZimmer regularly invites Belgian and international artists for a two-week research and/or creation residency in our studios and apartment.


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